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Homeopathy Treatment for Joint Pains


Arthralgia ( JOINT PAINS)

Homoeopathy offers a great help in pains of almost all the joints. In the past, mostly elderly were affected by the joint pains but nowadays young adults and even children suffer from such pains. There may be various causes for joint pains but major cause is improper food habits which leads to low immunity.

Homoeopathic medicines help to reduce joint inflammation and symptoms including pain, swelling , and stiffness of joints.

Arthralgia occours in the following :

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Osteoarthritis (OA)

  • Cervical spondylosis

  • Gout (High Uric acid)

  • Tennis or golfer's elbow

  • Knee pain

  • Shoulder problems

  • Ankle pain

  • Wrist pain

  • Stiffness and locking of joint,etc


Homeopathy believes in holistic approach of treatment. The root cause of the disease or pain needs to be cured. For this , in Homoeopathy we take complete case history, past history, family history, peculiar symptoms, associated symptoms, modalities, thermals, general appetite and thirst and mental symptoms of the patient. After complete case study and analysis of symptoms, a Homeopathic Physician selects the most similar medicine to totality of symptoms of the case. This similimum is potent enough to cure the disease. The dosage and repitition of medicine depends on the severity and chronicity of the case.

Certain changes in diet and regular exercises may benefit you to recover soon.

Few indicated Homoeopathic remedies are :



This is homeopathic medicine for joint pains which increase after rest and gets better by constant motion. Its sphere of action ranges from arthritis, stiffness , rheumatism, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis to sprains, tennis elbow, restlessness,etc. The pains increase on REST, on BEGINNING TO MOVE, morning on waking, night , COLD WET WEATHER, before storm, EXERTION,etc and gets better by MOTION, and WARMTH.


RUTA works well as homeopathic medicine for joint pains with stiffness and weakness. Its sphere of action ranges from RHEUMATIC PAINS, frozen shoulder, backache, neck pain, sciatica, bruised pain to restlessness, eyepain, hard nodules in tendons from overuse or injury. The pains increase in cold wet weather and on exertion, standing and rising is difficult. The pains gets better by pressure and lying on back.



Kalmia is a good homeopathic medicine for joint pains when rheumatic pains extend downwards. Its sphere of action ranges from cervical spondylosis , deltoid rheumaism (right side), lumbar pain to tingling and numbness of left arm, pain from hip to knees and feet. Pains affect large part of limb or several joints, and pass through quickly; WANDERING PAINS, pains shift suddenly. The pains increase on becoming cold, leaning forward, looking down, motion and in open air.


Homeopathic remedy Arnica works well in joint pains when body feels sore and bruised. Pain in joint is result of fall or injury. Its sphere of action ranges from arthritis, rheumatism to bruises and sprains, etc.

There is fear or aversion of being touched. Pains increase in cold wet weather.


Homeopathic remedy Bryonia is well indicated for pain in joints and muscles.

Its sphere of action ranges from arthritis, gout, frozen shoulder to cervical pains, rheumatoid arthritis.

Pains increase from motion and heat and gets better from rest, cold, pressure.


Its sphere of action ranges from rheumatism, gout (high uric acid), nodosities, podagra. There is swelling of affected joints.

The pains travel upwards from feet (ASCENDING RHEUMATISM). Pains gets better by cold applications and put their feet in ICE WATER.

Pains increase from heat in bed and on motion.


Its sphere of action ranges from rheumatism to gout of SMALL joints, esp . WRISTS AND FINGERS, also ankles, feet. There is pain and swelling joints after slight exertion, pressure, touch.

Sometimes there is discoloration, numbness and coldness of affected fingers.


This medicine works well for sudden onset of acute articular rheumatism - when there is pain all over the body in articular joints as seen in Rheumatoid arthritis.


Rhododendron is homeopathic remedy which works well in rheumatoid arthritis, gout , heel pain, bone pains in spots.

Pains increase in Stormy weather, change of weather, cold and wet weather. Pains get better by heat and motion.


Note : These are indicated medicines and should be taken after the advice of a qualified Homeopathic Doctor. A constitutional medicine is prescribed according to case history and individualization of patient.


Why Choose Homeopathy Online for Treatment of JOINT PAINS?

With Homeopathy Online , during your first online consultation, case history is taken which includes your present main complaint, duration of the symptoms, family history,  mental symptoms, any treatment if you have undergone before. Also, we take into account the overall picture of patient – the emotional makeup and general health, the type of illness and specific “modalities” that make the symptoms better or worse. In this way we individualize one patient from another, hence the medicine is then prescribed.

After the consultation, finally we provide you the required steps which you need to take to get rid of the problem from its root cause : 


1. The medicine prescription, if medicines are required to be taken

2. Diet Chart

3. Exercise

4. Weekly or Monthly follow up, depending upon the severity of  problem



Consult Online for Treatment of Joint Pains

40 min session with Dr. Komal

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