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De-Addiction and Homoeopathy

June 26, International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking is a day marked to promote awareness about drug abuse and illicit trafficking. The aim is to reform the people and establish drug-abuse free society. The theme for this year is “Better Knowledge for Better Care". Homoeopathy offers safe and effective treatment for drugs & alcohol de -addiction and it naturally helps in reducing post acute withdrawal syndrome. Drug abuse or Substance abuse is not a new term that we hear today. Substance abuse is illegal usage of things by eating/drinking or sniffing. Especially, our Youth is more addicted to try out various drugs like painkillers, anti-depressants etc or using cocaine, cannabis (marijuana), alcohol, chemicals, fevi-bond, heroine, party drugs like estacy drug, LSD, etc. Initially, the people using drugs get high but gradually they get trapped in this infinite loop. Even if they realize its harmful to them they are unable to quit. This is because of the withdrawal symptoms and anxiety which push them to take another dip in ocean of drugs. Addiction means that one has no control over his will and is forced to take the things which he knows is harmful to him but still there is impulse to have it. Initially there is a feeling of lightness and relaxation which eventually triggers anxiety if he is unable to get the drug or chemical he used. And in course of time he needs to take it else he becomes very restless, anxious and sometimes hallucinated (physical and psychological symptoms appear). Person affected is lost in himself, cuts himself from society, suffers from behavioural disorders, plz insufficiency, poor memory and lack of concentration, laugh or cry simultaneously, say irrelevant words and may become violent or quarrelsome. But slowly this addiction leads to UNPRODUCTIVE LIFE and finally death. WHAT CAN WE DO? First of all, we need to educate our children and provide basic knowledge about drugs and their harmful effects at our schools and homes. We must raise our kids in a positive and healthy environment. We should befriend them so that they share everything with us. All the addictions start from peer pressure or out of curiosity to try new things. And for those adults who are trapped in addiction, we should try to help out. They need counseling and care. We can also encourage them to form new creative habits or help them to outshine their talents. They must be frequently motivated. How can Homeopathy help? Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which has a holistic approach in treatment of the patient with no side effects. Homoeopathic medicines are very effective which help to quit drugs or alcohol. Homeopathic medicines also help to cope up with withdrawal symptoms and boost up immune system. Along with proper counseling and homoeopathic remedy, a Homeopath helps the patient with drug addiction. Medicines like aconitum, arsenicum, quercus, nux vomica, staphysagria, lachesis, etc have good results.

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