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Homeopathy and Immunity : How to boost your immunity?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


According to Taber's medical dictionary, Immunity is protection from diseases, esp. from infectious diseases. It is achieved either by immunisation or by antibodies produced in the body due to previous infections.

Healthy immune System

If immune system gets weakened we are at increased risk of catching infections. And if these infections occour again and again , they become chronic in nature and can progress to serious or grievious illness in future. Thus healthy immune system is must to lead a healthy life.

What can you do to boost Immunity ?

Before we study about it, we need to understand more about immunity.

Lets start with Congenital immunity, which is present at birth and it depends upon the antibodies received from mother's blood.

And the immunity that gets developed after exposure to immunisation or antigen is called as Acquired immunity.

Antigen is a harmful substance that causes disease and in response to which our body produces antibodies.

Antibodies (Ab) are immunoglobulins (Ig) produced by plasma cells that destroys or neutralises pathogens ( bacteria or viruses).

There are various other types of immunity such as herd immunity, humoral immunity, innate immunity, cell-mediated immunity , active and passive immunity, etc.

Here, our main concern is to boost our immunity, so we need to

1) Avoid stress.

2) Maintain healthy weight.

3) Avoid drugs, smoking and alcohol.

4) Add dietary supplements.

5) Do physical exercises and maintain personal hygiene.

6) Yoga and meditation must be done.

7) Proper sleep and rest are must.

Diet and Immunity

Certain foods contain various immunity booster components in them. We shall be discussing them all in detail.

You need to add fruits, vegetables, green tea or ginger tea, foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, folic acid, iron, zinc, copper,selenium, etc.

Honey and turmeric can be also taken as they are natural antibiotics.

* Foods rich in ZINC are pumpkin seeds, peas, cashews, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, oatmeals, tofu, oyesters, pork,etc.

* Foods rich in IRON are legumes (beans, chikpeas), sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, nuts(cashews, almonds), vegetables (broccoli, spinach,green peas). Animal based sources of iron are chicken, liver, eggs, red meat, fish, lamb, etc.

*Foods rich in COPPER are shiitake mushrooms, whole grain products, dark chocolate, seeds, nuts.

*SELENIUM rich foods are rice, tuna, brazil nuts, beans, whole wheat bread.

*FOLIC ACID rich foods are leafy green vegetables, beets, citrus fruits, green peas, pomegranate, semolina, spinach, eggs, broccoli, legumes (masoor daal, moong daal, urad daal, chickpeas, kidney beans,etc).

*VITAMIN A rich foods are yellow and orange vegetables(esp. carrot), fortified skimmed milk, eggs, cod-liver oil.

* VITAMIN C rich foods are broccoli, capsicum, cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes, squash,, red and green pepper, spinach, turnip and fruits like orange, kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruit, strawberry, papaya,etc.


Homeopathy boosts immune system which means it stimulates the body's defense system and helps us to fight with infections and diseases. Also in certain auto-immune diseases or in over-active immune system, homeopathy calms down the immune system in order to promote healing. There are many medications which help to boost up immunity. But there is no specific medicines because Homeopathic treatment is based on symptom similarity which means we need to match the symptoms of disease with symptoms of medicines. If they match we call the medicine as 'the similimum' which is potent to cure and heal the sufferer. Symptoms taken into account are physical symptoms , mental symptoms, , general symptoms, associated symptoms, peculiar and unique symptoms, modalities(factors which increase or decrease the condition), appetite, thirst and thermals of patient,etc. We shall discuss few medicines which can be potent immune boosters.

Lets start with the well known Arsenicum album, which is even recommended by Ministry of Ayush, India as immune booster and for prevention of COVID-19. Arsenic album is a Homoepathic polychrest remedy which means it acts on every organ and tissue. It helps in early recovery from infectious diseases by stimulating defense system and allows the body to heal itself. The symptoms of arsenic ranges from digestive problems, asthma, food poisoning, skin complaints, upper respiratory problems to anxiety, restlessness, fear, insomnia ,etc. There is increase in complaints after midnight, wet weather, cold food and drinks etc. Warm drinks and heat provide relief. Burning sensation better by heat is peculiar symptom of arsenic. There is great thirst, drinks much but little at a time. Nose feels stopped up or there might be thin watery acrid discharge with burning in eyes and offensive ear discharge. There is high fever with marked periodicity and lack of strength.

Now lets discuss another homoeopathic medicine called as Echinachea which is also called as corrector of blood dyscrasia. Its sphere of action ranges from auto-infection, symptoms of blood poisoning, boils, septic conditions, gangrene,etc to bites, stings, injuries, lymphatic inflammation. We can call it as Homoeopthic antibiotic. There is headache with dizziness along with purple or black tonsils and ulcerated sore throat. Gums recede and bleed easily and corners of mouth and lips are cracked. There is sour belching with ulcers in stomach. Pain in pectoral muscles(chest), and involuntary scanty , albuminous urine is present. Puerperal Septicaemia with offensive leucorrhoea is seen. Fever with nausea is marked.

Silicea is another Homeopathic medicine known to boost immunity. It stimulates macrophages which are part of our immune system that engulf and kill bacteria and other harmful organisms. Silicea promotes expulsion of foriegn bodies from tissues. It stimulates absorption of scar tissues, ripens abscesses and promotes suppuration (pus formation). Silicea patient is chilly, wants warm clothing and coverings.

There is this remedy Pulsatilla which is also called as the weather-cock among remedies due to its changeable symptoms. Pulsatilla is great polychrest which is thirstless and chilly. There is dryness of mouth without thirst and yellow or white mucus coated tongue. Patient likes to be in open air and the disposition is mild and gentle. There is aversion (dislike) to butter, fat foods or warm foods.

Camphor is also very good immune booster. It acts well in state of collapse with icy coldness of the whole body when temperature is subnormal or blood pressure is low. The characterstic of camphor is that the patient will not be covered notwithstanding icy coldness of the body. Pain seems better when thinking of it.

Allium cepa acts as immune- modulator in cases of oversensitive or hypersensitive immune system. It modulates or calms down immune level to promote healing. There is acrid nasal discharge along with sneezing which gets increased in warm room and is better in open air and cold room. Burning in eyes with watery discharge is marked.

Note : These are the indicated medicines and should be taken after the advice of qualified Homeopathic Doctor. A constitutional medicine is prescribed according to case history and individualization of patient.

Why you should consult us?

With Homeopathy Online , during your first online consultation, case history is taken which includes your present main complaint, duration of the symptoms, family history,  mental symptoms, any treatment if you have undergone before. Also, we take into account the overall picture of patient – the emotional makeup and general health, the type of illness and specific “modalities” that make the symptoms better or worse. In this way we individualize one patient from another, hence the medicine is then prescribed.

After the consultation, finally we provide you the required steps which you need to take to get rid of the problem from its root cause :

1. The medicine prescription, if medicines are required to be taken

2. Diet Chart

3. Exercise

4. Weekly or Monthly follow up, depending upon the severity of  problem

To get the treatment to boost your immunity, please visit at -> https://www.homoeopathy-online.com/book-appointment

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