Homeopathic treatment for Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

A case of seborrhoeic dermatitis with tenia capitis.

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

It is also known as seborrhoea, a type of skin eczema in which there is profuse abnormal discharge from the sebaceous glands. Your skin may feel itchy, scaly, oily or greasy with red inflammed patches esp. around sebum producing areas like scalp, face or chest, groin, back and underarms. Dandruff is a mild form of this complaintthat affects only scalp. Scalp is itchy, and flakes of skin come out with or without visible signs of the inflammation. In newborn babies when the scalp gets affected, it is called as cradle cap. CAUSE If we try to study about its etiology which means to know about the causation, we find genetic and environmental factors behind it. Weak immunity, stress, unhygienic ways of living, poor nutrition may contribute to it. Seborrheic dermatitis occurs due

to a local inflammatory response  to the Malassezia yeast. Malassezia furfur is a species of fungus (yeast like fungus) that affects skin and hair. It causes dandruff, folliculitis, tinea versicolor and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

SYMPTOMS The skin is flakey and flakes can be whitish, yellowish or grayish. Redness is commonly seen with small pimple like eruptions. Sometimes hairloss can also occur in affected areas. Also there can be symptoms of tinea such as eruptions in ringworm shape with severe itching, dryness and dandruff. In severe cases where greasy secretions are released which get worse and can form scaly lesions and hard crusts on scalp. These crusts might bleed on scratching.

What can Homeopathy do? Homeopathy helps in boosting your immune system. It helps in eradicating the seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhoea from its root. Plus the chances of reoccurrence of the disease gets diminished if you undergo the treatment properly under the guidance of your Doctor.

Homeopathic medicines for Seborrheic Dermatitis

1. Thuja Occidentalis If there is white scaly dandruff with hairfall then Homeopathic medicine for seborrhoeic dermatitis which helps is Thuja occidentalis. Hair is dry with split ends. Sometimes it can be greasy which sticks up.

2) Natrum Muriaticum If your skin is greasy, oily especially in hairy parts with itching and burning then indicated Homeopathic medicine for seborrhoeic dermatitis is Natrum mur. The eruptions are dry or crusty along the margins of hairy scalp.

3. Graphites You may have matted, brittle hair and hairfall is increased on vertex(top of head) and on sides. In such cases Homeopathic medicine for seborrhoeic dermatitis or seborrhoea which works wonders is Graphites. There are scabs on scalp which are sore to touch. Often bald spots are also present.

4) Kali Sulphuricum If your dandruff is yellow,moist and sticky with hairfall then your Homeopathic medicine for seborrhoeic dermatitis is Kali sulph. Scaldhead (falling out of hair with formation of pustules, which forms scales when the discharge gets dry) and bald spots are also present.

5) Mezerium If there are thick, leathery crusts with pus underneath them and your scalp and hair are sensitive to touch,then indicated Homeopathic medicine for seborrhoeic dermatitis is Mezerium. Hair sticks together and white scabs are seen. Hair falls in handfulls and dry white dandruff is present. Milk crusts ( white or yellow scales on a baby's scalp also known as cradle cap) are also seen.

6)Phosphorus If there is excessive dandruff with itching of scalp and hair falls in large bunches or in spots then Homeopathic medicine for seborrhoeic dermatitis which works well is Phosphorus.

7) Sulphur If hair is dry and hard with sweaty scalp with severe itching, then indicated Homeopathic medicine is Sulphur. There is itching along hair margin. Tinea capitis (ringworm of scalp) is present and scratching causes burning. Hairfall gets increased after washing.

8) Arsenic album There is intolerable itching of scalp with circular patches or spots. Scalp is very sensitive, unable to brush hair. If such symptoms are present then indicated Homeopathic medicine for seborrhoeic dermatitis is Arsenic album. Scalp is covered with dry scales and excessive dandruff is present.There is premature graying of hair.

Note : These are the indicated medicines and should be taken after the advice of qualified Homeopathic Doctor. A constitutional medicine is prescribed according to case history and individualization of patient.

Why Choose Homeopathy Online for Treatment of Depression?

With Homeopathy Online , during your first online consultation, case history is taken which includes your present main complaint, duration of the symptoms, family history,  mental symptoms, any treatment if you have undergone before. Also, we take into account the overall picture of patient – the emotional makeup and general health, the type of illness and specific “modalities” that make the symptoms better or worse. In this way we individualize one patient from another, hence the medicine is then prescribed.

After the consultation, finally we provide you the required steps which you need to take to get rid of the problem from its root cause :

1. The medicine prescription, if medicines are required to be taken

2. Diet Chart

3. Exercise

4. Weekly or Monthly follow up, depending upon the severity of  problem

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