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Menstrual Troubles / Painful Menstruation

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Females often complain of painful menstruation (called as dysmenorrhoea) sometimes accompanied by discharge (leucorrhoea) with itching and burning in private parts (vulvo-vaginitis). There may be group of symptoms that occur between ovulation and a period (PMS- pre menstrual syndrome). Some females get very less bleeding (oligomenorrhoea), or profuse bleeding (polymenorrhoea / menorrhagia) or some get period twice a month(metrorrhagia) or in few cases there is complete absence of menses (amenorrhoea).

Types of Menstrual Troubles :

6. Absence of Menses ( Amenorrhoea )

If you wish to know more about the types of menstrual troubles and its underlying cause, symptoms, diagnosis and health advice along with Homeopathic approach of treatment, please click on the relevant type above.

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Roger S
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